1. seagull for bb champ 2014


  2. I’m just now catching up with BB because I had like a trillion little cousins here over the long holiday weekend and I LITERALLY DID THE BIGGEST “NOOOO” WHEN HAYDEN FELL


  3. How many of you guys are looking at spoilers/live feeds?


  4. Since Elissa is from last season should I change my URL back to juliefuckingchen????


  5. okay so

    • I really loathe the whole Jocasta + Jesus thing, I’m p sure the last thing God cares about is siding with you so you can win $500,000 on a reality TV show in America
    • Didn’t see much of him in the episode but I think I love Hayden???  I see him going far
    • Zach is clearly the jerky one we are all supposed to hate yadda yadda ya, he will probably say something offensive in .2 seconds
    • I don’t know if I want to look at spoilers yet or not
    • el oh el’d when Frankie put his eggs in Victoria’s HoH basket yeah that was never gonna happen
    • I think Nicole will skate by as a floater for a while but maybe could far relatively far before people think “hey we should evict her”
    • I see Paola making herself a target because she’s so outspoken


    • Paola already annoys me
    • I like Amber so far
    • Joey too except she totally risked revealing her allegiances when she cheered for Amber during the HoH comp which is an elementary mistake
    • Kind of annoyed Frankie won HoH but I think he might line up with the girls?

  7. I have to work tonight so I’ll miss the premiere wahhhhhh




  9. Sims 4 character or Big Brother contestant?

    you decide

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  10. Initial thoughts on the cast


    • They always pick way too many people from the NY/LA areas of the country
    • Yeah recruits shouldn’t be a thing
    • They are a little late to the party on the whole “Duck Dynasty” thing.  Can’t decide if I’m going to call Donny “Duck Donnysty,” “Hagrid,” or “The Southern Adam.”
    • Glad to see CBS is sticking with the “token gay guy” tradition.  Also, come on.  Frankie Grande?  This isn’t Celebrity Big Brother or Celebrity-Sibling-Big-Brother, CBS.  A quick Google betrays your motives for this, CBS.
    • Once again nearly everyone looks like a model fresh outta college Greek town
    • One person over 40 does not a diverse age group make
    • Where is Elissa
    • I like that Christine is a longtime fan and that she doesn’t seem idiotic about alliances but also it’s going to get annoying when CBS portrays the “oooh ho ho whatta geeky nerd!” character in all of her edits
    • However I will probably get annoyed with her
    • Amber wants to throw competitions?? yeah ok
    • Ok people who get on the show because their friends applied for other ones??? no
    • Derrick seems smart, I think he has mastermind potential.  I see him going far.  Seems really on the offensive about not being the male Aryan Aaryn.
    • Devin’s smile scares the crap outta me.  So many former Amazing Race hopefuls.  He could win a lot of comps but I think he’s too scared to step away from his morals for the summer.  You’re gonna have to lie on Big Brother.
    • Are we sure Hayden 2.0 isn’t the lovechild of Mike Boogie and Hayden 1.0?  Or that he didn’t formerly star in Brink and/or Hocus Pocus??
    • Jocasta was one of the few interviews I didn’t have to skip through so I’m grateful they’ve casted some personality, but yeah I think the Jesus angle is already tired and predictable
    • Joey seems like the mother hen kind of?  She might be the “keep it grounded” person this season.
    • Nicole…..meh.  I think she’s all talk.  Showmance maybe??
    • I wasn’t aware “female DJ” was a box we direly needed ticked on Big Brother but ok Paola.  Thinking we’ve got some drama with her.
    • Victoria, not much going on there…no other “exotic” people?? yeah ok
    • I think Zach is going to single himself out really early on
    • Cody…hard to say.  Could be cool?
    • Caleb….showmance
    • Brittany…could be something.

    OOOPs posted this on the wrong blog so here you go.