1. In my Sociology module the lecturer always talks about Big Brother but I always wanna be like, “Ok no though you guys don’t get what Big Brother actually can be please watch the American version bye”

    Can you tell I can’t wait for June 25??????


  2. Even if I had a tv, I probably wouldn’t be bothered to watch Celebrity Big Brother

    I love England but I can’t wait for Big Brother a la Julie Chen.  JULY PLEASE???


  3. elissaslater:


    At first I wasn’t sure if GinaMarie saw Nick, but she must’ve because something went flailing across my screen…


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  4. bartonfinks asked: Re: Andy -- the college where he worked made a post on their Facebook the other day saying that he no longer works there.

    Oh snappppp I don’t even know what he did to get let go :S


  5. Speaking of Andy, was he fired from his job???  I haven’t been keeping up with this season since Elissa was evicted and I just read this but I don’t know if it’s true.


  6. Someone making it to the end doesn’t mean they were the best strategist, competitor, social gamer, or best anything.  This game is a combination of all those things, but also luck.  Congrats to Andy, the first LGBT winner of Big Brother.  I may not admire his gameplay or how he acted as a person, but he managed to make it to the end and had the most laudable gameplay of the final three.


  7. Times like this make me wish I was religious because you feel like an asshole when you don’t believe in prayer.

    Love you, Britney.


  8. Hey followahs

    I gave my friend my password to lock me out of Tumblr for a bit because I’m getting ready to go to school in England and have a lot to do so that’s why I was M.I.A. for a bit.

    In other news, I didn’t watch the episode on Sunday.  It wasn’t because “wahh elissa left unfair!!!” but it was because literally nothing about the final five or the end of this season excites me.  This has been a really dumb season and the one remaining reason to root for it was evicted—fair and square, I might add.  So, I don’t know.  It wasn’t like I was having a tantrum over Elissa leaving, even though I’m devastated to see her go at the hands of such players.  But she didn’t win and they got her out because of it, so I guess that’s just how it goes.  I’m just really indifferent at this point; for me, it feels like the season is already irrelevant.

    Part of me feels like this season was iffy enough for it not be certain that we’ll have a season 16.  But I guess time will tell.


  9. jessie-kowalski:

    words can’t describe how much i miss the old mccrae oh my god just thinking about it makes me sad. he was my pre-season pick and i remember getting so happy when i found out he was hoh. he was just all kinds of adorable and cute and funny and socially awkward and i felt like a lot of us could relate to him? now he’s just this mean, prissy, arrogant pussy bitch who only knows how to say “yeah” “i don’t know” “i dunno”. biggest disappointment of the season to me.


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  10. chelseagheesling:

    when I see white hatred posts tagged “bb15”


    I had no idea big brother was suddenly a show about hating white people I’m so sorry. 

    If you are mad about the racism this season on BB, hate on racists

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